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What is Tallow?


In a time when the market is bombarded with "natural" skin products it's easy to feel overwhelmed by what to choose and why. Don't we all wish we could just trust that what is stated on the label is what we are actually getting? Unfortunately the term "natural", amongst other catch-phrase marketing words, can apply to both toxic and holistic ingredients alike, leaving you with a product that is far from the "natural" you are hoping to have purchased. 

We are here to tell you: we want to make your life easier. You don't have to spend time reading labels with 10+ ingredients and researching what each one means for your skin. We provide a product that is made up of simple and healthy ingredients - nothing more. 

Which brings me to what tallow even is, and why it is so great for your skin. Tallow is a rendered form of animal fat, in this case grass fed beef, processed from suet. Tallow is solid at room temperature. I know what you are thinking: "Animal fat? Say it's not so!" Believe it or not, animal fat is one of the best gifts we can give our skin because its composition is so close to the composition of our human cells. As humans, our cell membrane is primarily composed of a double wall of fatty acids. Saturated fats make up over 50% of the cell membrane and are the type of fats that are typically more solid at room temperature. Remind you of something? These fats provide the cell with its stiffness and help maintain the integrity of the cell. Monosaturated fats aren't known to be as solid as saturated fats but they are still more so than polysaturated fats and therefore also contribute to the cell's stiffness and integrity. If you can imagine the benefits these fats would have to our skin cells, encouraging the maintaining of our skin's stiffness and integrity, then it should excite you that tallow is 50-55% saturated fat with monosaturated fats following close behind and making up nearly the rest. 

Tallow, especially tallow from grass fed animals, also contains vitamins A, D, K, and E. These vitamins cannot be found in plants which are a primary source for many other moisturizers. These tallow sourced vitamins are necessary for our skin and overall health. Tallow also contains fats such as conjugated linoleic acid and palmitoleic acid which are said to have anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. 

So if tallow is so superior, why don't all skin care products use it? Great question! If you have been purchasing TRULY natural & minimal ingredient products for long, you would know that they can vary in consistency and color depending on a variety of factors. The same goes for tallow, which can vary in color and consistency depending on the season it is rendered and the source (cow) it is rendered from. This does not fit with your typical mass produced product standards and most customers are not used to a product varying even slightly from the last time it was purchased. Because of this, many companies succumb to adding coloring or other agents to maintain the product's overall look, sacrificing its performance and integrity for the sake of appearance. Be encouraged when buying our product that this occasional change in color or consistency is a GOOD thing. It is evidence we are giving you what we promise. We will not add any coloring or other substance to compromise the product we are selling you for the sake of it "appearing" to be unchanged. This is our proof to you that we stand by what we say and give you a truly natural, holistic, and amazing product that you will find can do amazing things for your skin. 

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