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  • “Hi! I ordered your soothe tallow balm on a whim after I saw a post on Instagram. i have struggled with acne, excessively oily skin and consistent blackheads all my life, starting when I was around 11. I have tried everything; expensive facial, soap, no soap, masks, prescription strength medicine, you name it- I tried it. So suffice it to say I was a little skeptical of tallow balm. The first day I put it on I noticed my skin felt better and looked more radiant in our Christmas photos, but I wasn’t truly convinced until this morning. In one short week all my blackheads have disappeared, including some chronically deep ones that I needed a special tool to remove! My skin is more taut, glowing, it appears as though I have no more pores and I have no more oily patches! I even dared to go out in public without makeup and my husband remarked on how good my makeup looked today- but I had none!! My skin and I thank you!” -Hannah (email)

  • “After posting about my moisturizer being discontinued, a few of you recommended Myriah Grubbs’ Gold Clover Tallow Balm. I’d seen it around Facebook, but was very skeptical about it and doubted that it would work with my highly sensitive, prone to breakouts skin. I trust many of my friends, so I gave it a shot, especially since it was cheaper thann what I was using or considering. I’ve been using it for about a week or so now and am highly satisfied. I go the Baby one since it is the same as the facial one but with smaller amounts of the essential oils. It’s a bit different than most of the other products I’ve used so it took me a couple days to get used to the texture and the way it goes on and how little you need, but immediately I liked the way it feels on my skin… sort of like a primer… I also like the way it smells… and I really like how my skin looks. I have not broken out at all, it has not given me milia around the eyes like many products do, my pores look smaller, my skin looks less red, the moisture is long-lasting and gives the skin a healthy, non-greasy looking glow. It works just as well if not better on the psoriasis as my other moisturizer, and works better on the over all texture of my skin than the other. The other was the best moisturizer I’ve ever used, even after years of working in the makeup and skincare industry. The half-full jar of my favorite old moisturizer is sitting in my medicine cabinet. I haven’t used it once since I tried Gold Clover. I highly recommend Gold Clover for everyone. I think it would be the rare person who it wouldn’t work for. Generally I think it’s superior to almost any other moisturizer available.” - Karyn L. (Facebook post)

  • “I have never been more passionate about a product in my life! your tallow balm has completely renewed my skin! An eczema patch that I have had for 5+ years is almost completely gone after using the wellness balm for 3 wks. I have had acne on my face, chest, and back for over 10 years, and have tried so many chemicals and medications… Nothing has helped. As of now, my chest and back are completely clear, and the other day my mom said, "You look like you have baby skin on your face!" No one has EVER complimented my skin. It brought tears to my eyes. Also, I have thrown out all "baby" lotions for my kids and we only use tallow. For everything! I even caught my daughter putting it on her doll's face the other day! :) My almost 2yr-old son has a g tube (feeding tube) and the skin around his stoma would sometimes get a little red and inflamed, but the tallow completely made the redness disappear! I can't tell you how amazing it is to have a product I can finally feel GOOD about using on myself and my children! Yes, I believe in in this product. Yes, I recommend it to everyone I know. And I carry it with me everywhere I go! I will be a customer as long as you are in business! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Cassie N


  • "First, my 7 year old, for some reason broke out in what could only be eczema on the side of her face next to her ears. She hasn't had this in 6 years. So, I used your tallow on it and the next day it was almost invisible and after two days totally healed!!! Plus she's very picky about smells and burning with lotions/ointments but she loved this! Next, I've struggled with mild acne off and on since my teens. However, when I was about 34, I began to get cystic acne. The dermatologist in Austin, Texas had to give me five shots in my face and said it was some of the worst he had seen. It left me with horrible scars on the side of my face.  I've since had very few like this and have come to accept and embrace the scars. I'm EXTREMELY careful now about what products I use on my face and can only use a high end face wash that I can trust. After about two weeks of using your tallow balm, my face is so silky soft and smooth. I've only had a couple of blemishes. But the biggest part is that I swear my acne scars have gotten so much smaller! Is it possible to heal years old scarring or am I seeing things?!? Haha. I'm praying for total healing of my scars and think this could be the answer! Thank you Myriah!!!" - T.N.
  • "So I wanted to tell you about my surprising results of almost a week using the tallow balm! After a couple days in a started to notice that my skin seemed to be cleaning out my pores...literally I would touch my face and little pieces of grit would be on my face. I would look in the mirror and it's basically pore junk. My t zone has dried out. My t zone is never dry. I have uber oily skin. Now my skin is not even oily. No. Joke. I was like what the what? Normally it's an oil slick by midafternoon. Not even before I go to bed. Or when I wake up in the morning usually it's a grease bomb. Not so anymore! It's so weird. Pleasantly weird. My t zone is dry enough that is has some shedding like skin - but I think it's all regulating. Almost like my skin is cleaning itself out and the oil glands are adjusting." - Amy M.
  • "My list of uses for the tallow balm is endless. I use it as a night time facial moisturizer, cuticle cream, eczema relief for my daughter, hair styler/moisturizer/frizz tamer. Having bleach blonde hair, it normally feels coarse and dry, but the tallow changed the texture of my hair to smooth and strong. I used it as a belly balm when I was pregnant to prevent stretch marks because of the high levels of collagen. I also use it on my recent c-section scar and notice it healing really nicely! Lastly, I had a mishap with somehow waxing too much of my eyebrow, I put the tallow on my face every night to moisturize like normal and I was shocked that my eyebrow hair grew back within 2 weeks! I love this tallow balm!" - Alyssa Q.
  • "I gotta tell ya, I love the stuff. Also, my daughter had a terrible burn from the exhaust pipe on our motorcycle and I've been putting the balm on it and adding a little extra lavender oil and it has healed up so amazingly. And my other daughter had a weird rash on her finger that would not go away and it was super dry and itchy and we put the balm on it and it is the only thing that healed it. It's like miracle cream." - Diane P.
  • "I know you are hearing it from other people, but just wanted to tell you that the eczema on my little fellow’s back and shoulders is almost completely gone! I am not sure if it is working its way out of his system or what, but I did not change anything else, except just wash with water. I wish I had taken a before pic…it was so red and dry and I felt so bad for him. I basically just applied it in the morning and evening and it only took 2-3 days to see a difference. Thank you so much!! :)" - Katie A.
  • "Myriah's tallow balm came at just the right time for our family.  Everyone except my husband suffers from dry skin and varying degrees of eczema.  We've tried everything but nothing (apart from strong steroid creams) has worked very well to keep us all moisturized and rash-free.  I've looked into Tallow balm online and it has been too expensive for us to try.  When I saw Myriah was selling it, I bought a jar and slathered it on everyone asap.  I love the fact that it is natural and it smells wonderful thanks to the essential oils Myriah uses in her recipe.  It has been such a blessing to our skin.  Everyone is looking and feeling much better.  The cracks in our feet and fingers as well as the rashes from eczema are either healed or well on the way.  Thanks Myriah for making such a wonderful product!" - Jo W.
  • "I was gifted with a jar of your face tallow and we have LOVED it to the last drop." - Amanda B.
  • "I’ve been using it (unscented) on my lips, hands and face! :) Love it!" - Tracy M.
  • "Just thought we would share that we experimented with the tallow balm in place of diaper rash cream and it worked! It really is great for eczema and then for us it worked for diaper rash! Seriously this stuff is awesome!!!" - Holly F.
  • "Oh my goodness! This tallow feels incredible and smells amazing! This is the texture of cream/lotions I’ve been searching for! It stays on and makes my skin feel like “ahhhhh” Lol. So moisturizing. Thank you so much!" - Jesse M.
  • "This stuff is amazing! I’ve been using it on my hands and face and I LOVE it! Today, I applied it to my son’s eye area since he’s suffering from dry, itchy skin — he said a little later that his eyes aren’t bugging him as much. Thank you for an awesome product at a fabulous price!" - Leanna P.
  • "It really is good stuff. I have been using it for 9 months and am so excited to get more citrus clove. Helped my face with all the crazy end of pregnancy and postpartum stuff." - Charis S.
  • "I'm obsessed!! Love it so much. Helped heal up my nose ring scar too." - Amanda G
  • "My sons hands were purple from eczema. We had tried every lotion and it would almost heal, but if we weren't faithful with it, it would take 7-10 days. We used the tallow balm (lavender) and I believe after three days his skin looked perfect! We applied it just two times a day. We have also used it for diaper rash with similar results." - Kathryn N.
  • "It's my favorite face balm! It really works to keep my skin soft. I absolutely love the tallow balm with frankincense in it!" -Daphne O.
  • "The tallow balm has been amazing! I use it for after shaving my legs and I've loved using it for sunburn. My favorite way to use it has been on my son's eczema patches. It works amazingly well on it and stops him from scratching. Thanks for making it!" - Jennifer W.
  • "I love the balm, it's the best thing I've found for my dry cracked heels since I wear flip flops every day! I LOVE that it's all natural and scented with essential oils. The "face" scent is my favorite. I also use it on my daughter who has mild eczema and it helps keep her skin moisturized. I definitely recommend it!" - Jasmine M.
  • "I've been using my unscented tallow balm for almost a year now and never had anything more than "it's amazing and I love it" to share as a testimony UNTIL NOW! My girls (especially my oldest with braces) struggles with the sides of her mouth cracking. Last week I suggested she try my tallow balm and the results were instant! It took the pain and even the redness away within minutes! To think we have been trying so many things, and tallow was the answer all along! Thank you, friend!" - Carli R.