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Hello! My name is Myriah. I am married (16 years now!) and have four kids ranging in age from 11 to 4. It all started in December of 2013 when my 21 month old daughter rapidly began to develop an eczema rash all over her body. She couldn't sleep and would scratch to a bloody mess in her bed each night. We tried what felt like everything from "miracle" bubble baths to bleach baths to sleeping in wet jammies, then removing all sorts of common "triggers" from her diet. While it felt like things would work for a day or two, the deep, itchy rash always came back full force. Reading for hours and hours, searching for answers, led me to learn about tallow balm and it's remarkable effect on eczema. And naturally (because I have tons of free time, wink wink), I decided to try making it. And it worked! So I gave some away as gifts. Anyway, word travels fast when something works! And people with normal, oily, dry, rashy, and even perfect skin love the way tallow balm feels on their skin. So I continue to make it :)