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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - "Why is the balm sometimes crumbly or grainy? Does this mean it's bad? Why is it not always the same?"

A - We use the exact same recipe every time we make it. The main ingredient, tallow, is derived from a naturally occurring product, suet. Because of this, there are many factors that contribute to the final outcome of the product. These are factors that we cannot change without chemically altering our product. This is something we do not want to do because we believe that the purist version of our balms is the healthiest and most effective. Some of the things that can affect the texture and even color of tallow are the amount of sunlight, water, and green grass the cows receive. These factors alone are simply a reflection of the seasons changing, as our tallow comes from organic, grass fed cows. Additionally, the temperature at which it’s kept can have a huge affect on the ease of use. In cooler months, room temperature is naturally lower and will make it a much harder product to use. Some ways to ease the hassle are to rub it together in your hands to melt it before applying to your skin, or even apply immediately following a hot bath or shower. Use a small spoon, or something similar, to extract the balm from the jar. We also offer a whipped version that, while it can have slight variances in consistency, it is always easier to apply and many prefer to use the whipped during the colder months and the balm during the warmer months. All in all, we are strongly against adding unnecessary things to our balms, simply to make them more convenient, while sacrificing our health and the effectiveness of the product.

Q - "What does tallow balm do?"

A - Tallow balm assists in normalizing all different skin types (oily, dry, combo, etc...) and is a deep moisturizer. It is also extremely helpful for deeply moisturizing ultra dry skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis. Additionally, it has been known to help heal minor burns and some rashes. See testimonials for personal experiences in all these areas.

Q - "How/where do I use tallow balm?"

A - You can use tallow balm anywhere on your body as a moisturizer (though, you must use sparingly, as it's very concentrated). You can use any of the balms on your face (the FACE BALM has essential oils that are especially good for the delicate skin on your face, but it can be used anywhere). You can use the balm as a styling aid in your hair (similar to pomade). You can use tallow balm as a face wash (apply to your face, hold on a hot/wet wash cloth until it cools, then wipe off the excess). You can use tallow balm as a dry scalp treatment or for your baby's cradle cap (use the PURE or BABY BALM for this), by applying and letting it soak in, then combing and shampooing off.

Q - "Which kind of tallow balm should I use for __________?"

A - All of the tallow balms have the exact same base (tallow and oil). The essential oils have unique added benefits for each different balm. But ultimately, they all moisturize and are all great for you skin. If you have incredibly sensitive skin, use the PURE BALM, as it has no essential oils in it. To decide which will best suit your needs, read the ingredients on each listing and the properties of the essential oils are there. 

Q - "What is the difference between FACE BALM and BABY BALM, as they have the same ingredients?"

A - They do have the same ingredients, but the BABY BALM has exactly one third the amount of essential oils in it, which we believe is safer for babies. Both Frankincense and Lavender essential oils are widely considered to be safe for babies, but we like to exercise caution and use less. Lavender is extremely helpful for relaxation, and we LOVE this bonus for babies. However, because babies DO have more sensitive skin, we also highly recommend the PURE BALM if essential oils on your babies make you uncomfortable. 

Q - "Is tallow balm vegan?"

A - Tallow is an animal product, therefore, it is not vegan. However, we do believe in using up the whole animal and not allowing any of it to go to waste. We believe it is more ethical to use everything that can be used, than to throw some away. Tallow comes from rendering down the fat found around the kidneys of the cow. This fat (also known as suet) would typically be thrown away. Our suet comes from organic, grass fed cows.

Q - "Glass is breakable and heavier. Why not use plastic containers?"

A - We're huge fans of glass. There will be no chance of harmful chemicals leaching into our products from plastic. Essential oils can also tend to break down plastics over time, and we don't want that! So, unless it's a sample size (which we've been unable to source in glass), or a lip balm tube (for obvious reasons. The cardboard tubes leak), you won't see us using plastics anytime soon!!! If your item breaks in shipping, we will replace it!

Q - "Do you ship internationally?"

A - Yes, we do. We currently ship to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, South Africa, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Puerto Rico, & of course the USA.

Q - "Does tallow smell? Specifically the PURE BALM?"

A - Tallow does have a smell. It's up to the individual as to whether or not this is a bad smell. We render our tallow to be as pure and odorless as we can get it and it ends up with a slightly sweet smell. This scent dissipates after applied (about 30 minutes), and is not too bad, in our opinion, but again, the smell is in the nose of the beholder ;) In any of the balms with essential oils, if you can smell it at all, it's beyond faint. I don't think most people would notice it at all.

Q - "What kind should I use for my skin type?"
A - We've received this question so many times, we actually dedicated an entire page to the common uses of our different formulas! Click here to check out our What Kind Should I Get? page.

Q - "Why is the 3 oz jar of balm only 3/4 of the way full?"

A - The 3 oz jars of balm are actually 3 oz of product in a 4 oz jar, so it appears to not be full. We have yet to find a source for 3 oz jars, yet we want them to meet the TSA guidelines for travel (which is not to exceed 3 oz). So you are definitely getting your 3 oz, it's just that your jar can fit 4 oz in it.

Q - "Why is shipping so expensive?"

A - Well, it's because shipping is expensive :) We know people are accustomed to big box stores and free shipping, but unless we significantly raise the price of our product, it's not economical for us to offer free shipping all the time. We do, however, offer this as a promotion from time to time. Our product is also not light, because it comes in a glass container, but it's small, so we can offer a flat rate shipping which means that you pay the same amount to ship 6 items as you do to ship 1 item, therefore saving you money if you buy more. Also, our shipping comes insured, which is important to us, because, if it breaks on its way to you, we will replace it. And, it's fast! The quicker it gets to you, the better for everyone.